Answers to some common questions we hear all the time.


How much will framing my project cost?

Check out our honest pricing model to get an idea of what goes into the price of custom framing. The cost of your project depends largely on the size and materials chosen. We can give you some rough pricing ideas by phone or email, but for best results, stop into one of our locations with the item you would like framed. We’ll show you designs at any price point for your budget. It’s just much easier for us to help you when both you and your project are here!

How quickly can you frame my project?

Our normal turn-around time is one week, but we are fully stocked and equipped to handle most next-day or even same-day framing needs. Need it yesterday? Call us at 773.248.2800.

Do you call when the order is ready?

When we say one week turnaround, we mean it! We only call if there is an issue. We will call you if your order involves some special materials and/or a longer time for completion than one week. 

What if I don’t like it once I get it home?

Let us know! You will be looking at your framed art everyday, and we want you to be happy with what you see. We try our best to design the perfect combination, but every now and then things may need to be tweaked. Bring your piece back in and we’ll be happy to work with you to make some adjustments.

Do you sell mirrors?

Yes! We can make a custom mirror in any dimension using any frame from our wall. We have flat, beveled and antiqued mirrors. Check out our Framed Mirrors page to see some examples and for more information.

What’s the turnaround time for JUST a mat or glass?

Orders of frame bits and parts can often be done same day or within a couple of days depending on your requirements.

I have a painting that’s rolled up. Do you stretch canvases?


I am moving. Do you sell products to protect my art?

We have cardboard protectors to keep your frame corners safe. We recommend wrapping pieces in moving blankets or bubble wrap – which are available from packing supply stores.

What’s the craziest thing anyone has asked you to frame?

You name it, we've framed it. In our opinion, there’s no request too odd. Let your freak flag fly—or bring it to us to be framed! In four decades, we have framed a lot, so here are a few of our favorite framing projects showcasing just a sample of our enormous selection.

How do you take care of my art?

Each piece we take in is wrapped individually and stored flat on special racks until your order is ready to go in the frame.

I left my art there for framing over three months ago—do you still have it?

Yes. Your order is safely stored until you come to pick it up, but we prefer you to begin enjoying your artwork in your home as soon as possible. We send a few gentle reminders and will be genuinely worried about your wellbeing after about six months. Call us at 773.248.2800 or contact us to make arrangements for delivery or installation.

How do I hang my picture?

Your picture comes with a set of standard picture frame hooks for the appropriate weight. We recommend two hooks per picture. Contact us if you need some hanging advice or to schedule our top-notch installation team.

Do you sell prints or other artwork?

We have a rotating selection of framed prints and posters in our showroom. Most are Chicago-centric. We’re hometown proud! You can also check out our Chicago Art Source Gallery upstairs for more art.

What is the First Sunday Frame Outlet all about?

The outlet sale is an unparalleled budget frame shopping adventure. Shop a room full of empty frames that were mis-cut, mis-calculated or only slightly bruised at up to 80% off. Read more about our monthly First Sunday Frame Outlet.

Have a question that wasn't answered? Contact us or visit any of our locations and we'll be happy to answer it for you!


The best way to start your custom framing experience is to just come in! You don't need an appointment - we always have several framers ready to help you when you stop by.